** Due to the massive amount of Android devices, this is ONLY a general guide.  We are unable to purchase numerous devices running each different firmware. **
  • • Click the Apps icon on your home page
  • • Flip through your pages of application icons until you come across the Settings icon, click on Settings
  • • Click on Accounts
  • • Click on Add Account

These first four steps are shown in the image below:

  • • When  it asks you what account type you want, click E-mail Account. This tells the android system to start the setup for an E-Mail Account.
  • • When it asks you what kind of E-Mail account you want to click Other.

  • • Now that you are on the setup page, we will begin to setup your mail account!!

  • • Enter  your Email and password.  Make sure you take out the check mark from Automatically Configure Account.
  • • Click General Settings.  General Settings allows you to set the Account Name, your Real Name, and your E-Mail Address.
Add Mail Account
  • • Next, we need to click OK and then go to the Incoming Server section.
  • • Our Mail Server is Mail.firewireinternet.com for both Incoming and Outgoing.
  • • Just make sure you have spelled everything correctly, unlike the Username in the image below.  This was done to show what would happen if it was left misspelled.  It will show in the next few steps.   Once you have everything double-checked for spelling, click the back button, then click on Verify Server.

Add Mail

  • • Once you click on Verify Server, a screen such as this may appear:
  • • As long as the Verification Result is Success, you have configured this correctly.
  • • Assuming you have got the result success, you are ready to continue.  Click Close to go out of the verification screen, then click ok to get out of the Incoming Server Settings.
  • • Click on Outgoing Server.  We need to fill all this back in, the only thing that should need changed will be the Server.

Mail Server Information

  • • After Verification Result is Success, you have configured this correctly.
  • • Assuming you have got the result success, you are ready to continue.  Click Close to go out of the verification screen, then click ok to get out of the Outgoing Server Settings.  Click OK again and we’re done setting up your E-Mail.
  • • You’re ready to send your first e-mail!