Company Information

Get Ready!!!! Our wireless internet service is almost ready!! We can offer you High-Speed Wireless internet service second to none!! Call Us Today for blazing broadband at an affordable price!!!!

A little about Us…


Started back in 1996, Gig-A-Bytes quickly gained the reputation of quality service and support at a reasonable price. We are the computer service and sales based back then and still are today!! With the trends that have came and went, we’ve survived by keeping our customer satisfaction number one priority!!! We are just home town people that will know you as a name not just as an order number!!!


 Gig-A-Data LLC.


With the advancement of the technology age, Gig-A-Bytes partnered up with Gig-A-Data LLC. to bring you the one stop shop for all your computer and internet needs. Gig-A-Data carries the same value home town values. We are able to offer superior internet service and access at an affordable price. Once again, service and customer support are our number one priority!!!

Message From Us…

We would just like to take a minute of your time to thank you for giving us the opportunity to inform you about our business. We hope we can serve you in one way or another. From all of us at Gig-A-Bytes and Gig-A-Data, Thanks and we hope to provide you with the best service we can!!