Some of our favorite software we recommend to customers is very easy to use and simple to install.

We recommend software from Piriform called CCleaner and Defraggler. These two pieces of software you can use easily to keep your computer running at the top of its game! CCleaner (Or Crap Cleaner, as it was originally named) deletes temporary files and other unneeded files. Defraggler arranges the data on the hard drive where your information is stored so the computer can locate it all in one spot instead of it being all over the hard drive. Think of it this way. You are building a table you just bought at the store. One of the kids in the house takes bits and pieces and places it in different spots around the house. You now have to go find those pieces then return to building each time you need a piece that was taken off to another location. If the pieces are all in one spot, however, you can build the table in no time!! (Provided you follow the instructions)

Other software we highly recommend is Kaspersky Anti-Virus. This software keeps your computer safe and secure. Granted, nothing is 100% secure but we believe Kaspersky comes pretty close. As new viruses and malware comes out at all hours of the day, you may get one that no anti-virus recognizes. However, Kaspersky’s great anti-virus isn’t free. Call in to our shop for pricing of Kaspersky registration keys.

Kaspersky Keys look similar to this (Randomly generated, not an actual key):

We understand that not everyone has money to buy everything they need but we also believe you need protection at all times. Not only do we believe this, but also Microsoft, the creator of the Windows Operating System, believes this as well! Microsoft created a free software, called Microsoft Security Essentials, that we believe does quite well in combating viruses and other nasty software you don’t need on your computer! Even some of our technicians like it so much that they use it on their personal computers!


In addition to these anti-viruses  if anything does get past, it wouldn’t hurt to have Malwarebytes: Anti-Malware.  Now many people automatically think that since it has Anti-Malware in the name that it’s automatically an anti-virus such as Kaspersky and Microsoft Security Essentials.  In fact it is not.  It is simply just a malware detection and removal tool.  It is useless against adware and spyware.  We recommend using the free version, but if you want to pay out the money to get the pro that’s entirely up to you.


In addition to these pieces of software, we also recommend staying up-to-date on your Windows updates.  If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, you have a built in program that will pop up from time to time about updates being available or that you need to restart because it has installed updates.  If you have Windows XP, however, you must keep your browser up to date as well.  Windows XP was designed to get its updates through a Microsoft website.  This website is secure and safe.  You can always go to your start menu, on any Windows Operating System, and click on Windows Update and it will take you to the appropriate place to get your needed updates.


If you find yourself disliking the default browser, Internet Explorer, that comes with Windows, you have other options.  It seems you are not alone in those thinkings.  They are other browsers you may download such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari, and Opera.  If you are like our techs, you want your browsing experience to be fast and effective.  The most common browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, in fact most websites require you to be using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.  Mozilla Firefox, most commonly just called Firefox, is an open-source web browser that is quick and customizable, but be careful!  If you customize it too much, it will just be slow and unresponsive.  It has myriads of plugins and “skins” or themes.  Being open-sourced means that if you know anything about programming, you can contribute or take the code and make your own deviation of it, anyone may do this since it is free and widely accepted.  If Firefox doesn’t seem to be your thing, check out Google Chrome.  Google didn’t seem to like Internet Explorer too much either, so they decided they were going to make their own.  Google Chrome is a very fast browser that just simply works.  Some of our techs use Chrome and some use Firefox.  Those of us that do use Chrome haven’t very many, if any at all, problems with it.  Though some of our other technicians like Firefox for the freedom and speed of it being not customized.