In order to setup Incredimail, we need to follow the following guide.


Step 1.

We need to first open Incredimail.  This allows us to reach the needed menus and buttons to set up our account.


Step 2.

Go to Tools then to Email Accounts.  This will open up the new window to manage accounts.


Step 3.

Now that we have this window open, we need to click Add.  This will open up the initial setup window.


Step 4.

Click Let Me Configure Settings Myself, then click Next.


Step 5.

After you click Next, this window will appear.  Our account type is not listed here so just click Other, then click Next.


Step 6.

Now we need to type in our username and password.  Your username is also your email address.  This is what it uses to log in.

We made the account specially to make these guides.  Please input your own email address.

Once you typed in your password, we will be ready to click Next.


Step 7.

Now we need to type in the mail servers for our email.  This is what stores all the email.

The mail server is: for both incoming and outgoing servers.


Step 8.

Congratulations! We’ve successfully set up our email…  But wait, we’re not done yet.  Click Ok.


Step 9.

Click Properties


Step 10.

Click on the servers tab at the top of this window.  Click Ok.


Step 11.

Click on My Server Requires Authentication, then click OK.


Step 12.

Now we are all done! Congratulations.  Now you can get back to emailing! 🙂