Provided by Gig-A-Data LLC.

We are setup to provide you with the best possible internet service available!!!

Service, service, and more service. That is what you can expect out of Gig-A-Data. You won’t hear any automated voice systems here, you speak to the same people you see when you come through our front door. Just give us a call with any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them for you!!!


Spectrum Business Class: We offer high speed cable Phone and Internet Service for business class services!  Call or stop in today and talk to someone about getting your business high speed service!

High Speed Wireless: We just kicked off this service, and it is expanding everyday. Give us your address and we will do a site check to see if you qualify, once that is complete our technicians will come to your house and install the wireless gear. **Note to businesses, we can offer very high bandwidth and speed through the service**