• • Click the Settings icon
  • • Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • •  Click Add Account

These first three steps are shown in the image below:

  • • When  it asks you what account type you want, click Other. This will allow us to manually set the mail settings in.If you don’t see the list of account types, verify you are on the following screen:

  • • Now that you are on the setup page, we will begin to setup your mail account!!

  • • Under Mail, Click Add Mail Account
Add Mail Account
  • • Fill in your E-Mail Address, Password, and Name
  • • Fill in Description for what you would like to label your E-Mail Account.  Most people use the provider name, ours for instance would be Firewireinternet

Add Mail

  • • On the Host Name part of the setup, you want to type in mail.firewireinternet.com
  • • On the User Name part of the setup, you want to type in your email address or just the username which is everything before the “@” sign.
  • • Again, Enter your same password for the password fields.

Mail Server Information

  • • If you are prompted about connecting with SSL, such as the message shown below, click No.  We do not want it to try again without SSL.

  • • We’re Almost Finished!  Now just click Save and we’re done!
  • • You’re ready to send your first e-mail!