If you have not yet installed Windows Live Mail, please click here to visit the download page.
  • • Click the Start button and click on Windows Live Mail
  • • Click on the Accounts Tab
  • • Click E-Mail
  • • The next window will appear and will prompt you to enter your E-Mail Address, password, and the name you would like your E-Mails to appear as when you send an E-Mail.  This window will look like this:

  • • When you get your E-Mail address, password, and Name filled in, please make sure to check the “Remember this password” and “Manually Configure Server Settings” boxes.  Windows Live Mail does not know what our settings are so we must tell it.  After all this, please click next
  • • When you click next, you will appear on this screen that prompts you for a server type, which you may want to leave as POP.  For the Server Address you will want to enter Mail.firewireinternet.com.  The ports should be 110 for Incoming and 25 for Outgoing.  For Authenticate you will want to change it to Authenticated POP (APOP).  Leave the Login Name as it is, it will work.  We also want to make sure that you have a check mark in the box next to Requires Authentication under Outgoing Server Information.  Click Next.
Add Mail Account
  • • Congratulations!  As long as you have followed the instructions from this guide, you have set-up your e-mail correctly.  If you have e-mail waiting for you in your inbox, it will automatically start downloading.


If you have email waiting for you, your screen should look like this: